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10 minutes after meeting with Nazan...

By: Phil Rabbitt Added: 14/04/2014 12:14 Last Edit: 14/04/2014 16:45 By: Phil Rabbitt

Just 10 minutes after meeting with Nazan to talk about the way forward with the LiveInHope website, I witness this within just a few yards of where the tragic event occured, yet still the authorities refuse to act on such dangers!

To witness this struggle between a 35 ton articulated HGV against local traffic and pedestrians within minutes of leaving Nazan’s house proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that HGVs using these roads and the dangers they pose are happening far too frequently.
I noticed so many things here that were just so wrong. But most significantly:

  • The driver was cleary getting frustrated by his attempts to get into this small side road especially with all the cars streaming out of the turning. This is evident by the way the cab was bouncing up and down as the driver was dropping in the clutch.
  • Unbelievably, at 20 seconds into this video, a Police car was one of the cars that pulled out of this turning and it should have been the duty of the occupants to stop and assist, but they simply didn't bother!
  • At about the 1 minute marker, a smaller cargo-style transit came out of the road the HGV was turning into and was forced to mount the pavement smashing into an overhead shop sign.
  • The driver of this cargo was using his mobile phone, but had to put it down before coming into full focus of the camera, so unfortunately wasn't captured
  • Despite all this carnage, the side of this huge HGV were the words "Closer to Nature". The irony is nauseating!

Vehicles like this trying to manoeuvre through roads like these shared by many pedestrians including children leaving school is nothing short of outrageous!
While I appreciate the driver of this vehicle is only doing what his job dictates, the greatest crime here is that the local authorities allow this mayhem to continue as indicated by the occupants of the Police who apparently had no interest in the matter. This is beyond reason when you consider these Police personnel were most likely well aware of the tragic events that took place here a couple of years prior!

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